introducing millie lingerie

by Susan Pringle

I’d like to introduce you to millie lingerie (previously blogging as good upholstery), our newly formed company blog and lingerie brand in the making. millie is named after my grandmother, known to all as millie, a mother, grandmother and great grandmother to a thriving, vibrant tribe.

though not here in person, she’s always here in spirit; I look at her photo every day, say good morning, and ask her what she thinks about what I’m up to. she always smiles back.

millie would be tickled pink that I am following both my head and my heart to begin development of a new lingerie brand for women, like me, who’ve had breast cancer, and seen it off!

millie is a small and beautifully formed twinkle in my eye so far to be honest, but there are plans afoot. my two daughters are excited to be company directors of millie, and we all share the same hopes and vision for making a real difference to women’s choice in this tricky sector of the lingerie market. as well as being about delivering a great product range, it’s about doing something that we care about, and creating a legacy we can all take pleasure from.

someone said to me once “Sue, if you can get this excited about marketing lipsticks, imagine what you could achieve if you actually gave a damn!’.

well I give a damn!